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Dear friends,

Journal of Robin - The passing

The days and seasons grow shorter
That's at least what time perceives
And as my time draws to close
I'm here with you again

My friends once lost I'll see you
In the dark forest one day
Soon I feel I'll leave here
To be with you again

Don't you cry cause I leave you
Don't you cry from pain
I've lived and loved for oh so long
Cry tears of joy for me

Remember all the good times
Learn from all the bad
Don't you stop your smiling
Or you'll make me mad

I see my friends and family
Waiting there for me
I think its time to sleep now
Don't worry I'm not afraid

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Past Recorder Logs Of Sister Zinnia
Sister Zinnia's Journal entries while on Ambassador trip

Dear Abbey Friends,

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Dear Friends,

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Maxtor's Last Adventure (A Direct Prequel to the Bolts of Chaos TP) Chapter 1

I feel like I since Maxtor used be a main character of mine, I didn't really give him much of a send off
Maxtor was involved in the Bloodclaw TP and then vanished, only appearing in Redwall briefly a few times. He ventured out on his own and traveled extensively. This is the story of his last season, and the adventures he took directly preceding the events of the Bolts of Chaos TP

(Story Starts Here)
Chapter 1: The Battle of Send Pt. 1

Rambling to Parchment - Two Seasons Away.

Hello journal. Heavens, what a weird way to start off writing things to a piece of parchment. The days have been long, and the nights even longer. It seems all my uneasiness of being in Panov, and Koperov has been nothing more than a protective need for my family. Everything's been going well. The reading of the will of my father's distant cousin went well enough, despite a family of rats seeming quite angered by what was left to him.