Sister Zinnia, Abbey Recorder Entries!!

Sister Zinnia's Journal Entries

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Maxtor's Last Adventure (A Direct Prequel to the Bolts of Chaos TP) Chapter 1

I feel like I since Maxtor used be a main character of mine, I didn't really give him much of a send off
Maxtor was involved in the Bloodclaw TP and then vanished, only appearing in Redwall briefly a few times. He ventured out on his own and traveled extensively. This is the story of his last season, and the adventures he took directly preceding the events of the Bolts of Chaos TP

(Story Starts Here)
Chapter 1: The Battle of Send Pt. 1

Rambling to Parchment - Two Seasons Away.

Hello journal. Heavens, what a weird way to start off writing things to a piece of parchment. The days have been long, and the nights even longer. It seems all my uneasiness of being in Panov, and Koperov has been nothing more than a protective need for my family. Everything's been going well. The reading of the will of my father's distant cousin went well enough, despite a family of rats seeming quite angered by what was left to him.

Something Feels Amiss.

Journal Entry - Robin Grodenchik

Well, its been a few days since we've boarded the ship from Panov. What an odd name, but whatever. Anyway. We should have arrived today, but the captain has said he's ordered a safer path to avoid the reef that sank my father's ship so many seasons ago before we had arrived in Mossflower. The troubling thing is, we should have already passed the reef. I can't help but feel something is amiss.

Doors Ever Open (Thorns of Steel: Epilogue)

From the private journal of Novice Dust, Bellringer of Redwall Abbey:

In just a few weeks, the world fell apart and was reborn.
A madbeast rose and fell, the Badger Father was taken away along with a healer and Scioto's daughter...Ferravale was defeated and retaken in the space of two days, the Abbey was burned and attacked...The Champion was felled, another went to wield the legendary sword against a beast who turned out to be the Warrior's brother...It's enough to make one's head spin.

Server Move sucessfully completed

Today we moved the MU to an updated Amazon EC2 server. Players shouldn't notice anything different but it's important in a couple ways: One, the new, storage backed instance (which didn't exist at the time the original instance was set up) will prevent data loss/misplacement like the recent crash from happening again. Two, the move also means I inherit a share of the responsibility for the MUCK staying up. So if the MUCK is down you can contact me as well as Otter, at the same email as for website issues, and I can kick things into behaving again. (Please note that anything else to do with the running of the MUCK remains Otter's responsibility and I will differ all other requests to him. Nor can I help with "how to use the MUCK" issues - I haven't been an active player in years and I'm too rusty!)

Also, a copy of the MUCK from the December 15 crash was found and is online through February 6 (Monday) for players to retrieve info from. Just redirect your normal MUCK connection to port 4204. Guest creation is disabled and anything changed/created will be discarded after shutdown.

MU down due to Amazon EC2 issues in N. Virginia

The MU is currently offline. It's hosted on Amazon EC2 (a cloud service provider) which has been over 500 days without issues, but yesterday Amazon started having problems and they are still struggling to fix them.

It's not just us ... the outage is hammering many commercial and popular online services across the spectrum.

Don't worry, we'll be back when they are!

Keep the Light,
Chief Wizard

Redwall warriors

We are accepting new members. We must save the abbey

Regarding the new Abbey Champion

Recently, Flicktail was promoted to Abbey Champion. Some people enjoyed this turn of events - it created RP! It was something new! Most haven't ever seen the MUCK with an Abbey Champion because they're not an old fart like me! Then again, there are a number of players who have a problem with it and have made themselves quite vocal about it both ICly and OOCly. I know some of the reasons - I've talked with some of them about it - but I won't bother listing them. I'll just tell you why I think he's a GOOD choice.