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Redwall Universe

The Redwall Abbey Company Ltd holds ALL copyrights to all the works of Brian Jacques.

We were granted permission by Brian Jacques to run this site.

Redwall MUCK and Website

The content within the MU and on the web-site itself is the copyright of the people who wrote it.

Since the website and MU are interactive databases, you'd need to find the author of any section to find the copyright holder.

When people add work (to the MU or this web-site) they grant the right for us to show it. They are always free to remove their own works (and in the game, to destroy their own objects).

When people cease being active, their accounts are lost. At that point, right to manage or discard the works reverts to the admin of the MU or website as appropriate. There is no means barring the account of the creator to prove ownership at that point.

Basic rule of thumb: You create it, you own the rights to it. We reserve the right to remove it from our system, but we don't claim authorship of what's written. If you write in something commonly editable (such as the help pages) you grant perpetual use to change and manage to the site itself.

We have no interest in claiming credit for works. Please, by all means, sign them!